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The Bordbar Telarkhaneh Camp has 2 floors is located on the 2nd floor Downstairs is a store of handicrafts and a high class 2 units of accommodation, each unit of a 21-meter hall with a 3 meter kitchenette, a bathroom

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Bordbar Telarkhaneh



Gilan traditional and traditional cuisine

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Eat the best and most complete breakfast in Borbar Telarkhaneh

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Types of traditional crafts in Guilan province

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Bordbar Telarkhaneh Rural environment with Gilani traditions

Telarkhaneh House

Run all rituals at the residence

At our diligent residence, we tried to carry out the traditional rituals that were oblivious to the tourists and even the villagers again to carry out this ritual. Wednesday’s Syrian Revolution, Ayur-e-Dharamshah, Yalda Night Faith, Thirteen Badr …

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What is telarkhaneh

The Telarkhaneh House was built with the traditional architecture of Kah-igol and Khobab, which in the past used to say that the houses were on two floors. Because of the wooden log and wooden fences, the same meaning was used.

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Introduction to Telararkhaneh

I am Laila Burdbar. I am the author of the Gilani woven mat, who learned the art of matting from her father and daughter. I have 24 years of experience in the field of weaving. I was present at most

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